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Technical clothing designed for lovers of hunting

Ideal hunting Technical Clothes
for extreme conditions up to -20º


Waterproof jackets, windbreakers, elastic fabric.
Technical clothes with the best patents:
Dermizax, Primeflex, Kudos FP

Hindu-Koh was born as a solid and forceful response to the needs that both athletes and hunters have been claiming in recent times.

With a Proper Team

The history of high mountain sports has shown that, against the weather and the mountain, little or nothing man can do. However, with good physical and psychic preparation and adequate equipment the odds of success increase greatly.


Throughout many years of hunting in high mountains by Spain and allover the world and contrasting with experts, the team of Serbal has collaborated in the design, choice of materials and field tests for the development of Hindu-Koh, the last in hunting for extreme conditions of cold, rain and snow.

Best or Maximun Quality

All our products have been developed and produced in Spain under strict quality controls and with a clear objective, to offer the highest quality in design and performance and the latest technology.

Membrane Non-porous, Waterproof (Tissue resistance to water penetration 20 mm H2O / 24h) Breathable (Amount of steam passing through: 10,000 g / m2 / 24h) and Windbreak.

  • Extremely water resistant due to its ultra thin porous membrane.
  • Windproof.
  • High permeability to moisture of minimum condensation.
  • Durable water repellency.
  • Soft and stretchable.

Highly elastic fabric that allows great freedom of movement, soft, resistant and excellent dimensional elasticity.

  • Primeflex follows the movements of the body to perfection with its high elasticity.
  • Super comfort with a smooth touch.
  • Maintains shape through excellent dimensional stability.
  • Folds and easy maintenance.

Water-repellent treatment that produces a pearlescent effect of water droplets in contact with the surface of the fabric. High durability.

  • Durable water repellent super resistant to abrasion.
  • Innovative DWR technology maintains original water repellency for waterproofing remains in place.
  • Oil repellent.

Polartec Power Dry

Polartec® Power Dry® was created to make efficient undergarments, with excellent absorption performance, faster drying times and better overall performance. Not all tissues are the same; Many of them offer certain benefits thanks to chemical products that can only provide a temporary absorption that fades and weakens with each wash. Polartec® Power Dry® is a mechanical absorption fabric with a patented two-component structure: the outer part extracts moisture and expands it for faster evaporation.

  • Resistant to odors
    The garments remain fresh after many washes. A component with silver ions inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria during the life of the garment.
  • SUN protection UPF 15
    UPF 15. This fabric provides good UV protection and is labeled in accordance with ASTM D6603
  • Protection SUN UPF 50
    UPF 50. This fabric provides good protection against UV rays and is labeled in accordance with ASTM D6603
  • Recycled W / REPREVE ®
    The fabric contains a minimum of 50% recycled REPREVE® fibers, saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions

Polartec Wind Pro

Polartec® Wind Pro® was developed to strengthen our fabric’s ability to resist the effects of strong winds. By adapting our fleece structure through tighter knit constructions we created a new fabric composition that drastically reduces wind permeation. This provides the thermal insulation benefits, comfort and breathability of fleece with the added performance abilities to defy the wind and repel all forms of moisture.

We tell you the experience of some hunters.

La marca Hindu-Koh High Quality Technical Clothes nace de la pasión por la caza de alta montaña y por supuesto por el amor a esos lugares inaccesibles y sobrecojedores que nos impactan cada vez que los divisamos. Ropa probada en lugares de alta montaña y caza extrema.
A lo largo de muchos años de cacerías en alta montaña por España y el mundo y contrastar con expertos cazadores, el equipo de Serbal ha colaborado en el diseño, elección de materiales y pruebas de campo para el desarrollo de Hindu-Koh, lo último y probablemente más desarrollado en equipo técnico para la caza de alta montaña y caza en condiciones extremas de frío, lluvia y nieve.
Las prendas de Hindu-Koh están fabricadas principalmente con tejidos de la compañía japonesa Toray Industries Inc.
Esta empresa con base en Osaka es líder en la industria de la nano-tecnología y utiliza polímeros químicos, sintéticos y biotecnología aplicada en este caso a la industria y desarrollo textil.

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